Why Quality Images Matter for Good SEO

Everyone wants to have their blog found. You don’t start a WordPress site and pour out your knowledge only to have it ignored. That defeats the entire purpose of having an online presence! While it’s true that there are hundreds of factors that go into determining a website’s rank, a lot of little things matter and if you take control of the things that you can actually impact, you’ll see much more success. This starts with understanding the importance of photos and why you need quality images.

One of the strongest reasons for going with quality images is the simple fact that the search engines don’t like pixelated images. A search engine interprets this as being outmoded, poor quality, and also brings up questions with the freshness of information or the level of authority. Avoid pixelated images because they clearly hurt search engine rankings.

Aside from this first obvious benefit, there’s also the fact that the potential traffic benefits of image search. Fantastic images are more likely to be picked up by Google image search based on the keywords in the alt tags.

In addition to this, if you go out of your way to provide your own photos, these original pictures can be used in picture based social media like Instagram and Pinterest, or even shared on social media that gives quality SEO backlinks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Original photos count as content, and by providing high-quality pictures to go with the text in each of your posts, you will end up much happier with the final results.