Top 3 Ways to Promote Your Reseller Hosting Business

Not everyone has the time and resources to purchase expensive servers, hire support staff and build highly equipped data-centers. Fortunately hosting tycoons like Host Gator and Just Host offer reseller packages that can be used to setup a profitable business within hours. If you think that this industry is right for you then you should take advantage of these offers.

Once your business is fully operational you can use the following techniques to attract more customers and increase your returns:

Social Media

Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter you can build a strong reputation and a loyal customer-base. To boost your popularity you can give incentives to your fans and followers.

While promoting yourself on these sites, your attitude should be very professional. Don’t use sneaky tactics to attract attention because such tactics never work. Share interesting information with your audience and give valuable advice. Eventually people will start noticing your company and your revenues will go up.

Video Marketing

According to estimates, almost 800 millions people visit YouTube each month. Other video sharing sites also get millions of hits everyday. With a little effort you can divert some of this traffic to your web hosting site.You Tube

There is no need to purchase expensive equipment or cameras because there are various screen-casting applications available on the internet, many of which are completely free and open source. These apps allow you to create high definition tutorials.

Referral Program

Almost all successful internet businesses use affiliate programs to promote their products. WHM has a built in affiliate system for reseller hosts. It is not very robust but for small and medium sized hosting companies it performs exceptionally well.

If you think that an affiliate program is not right for you or you don’t have the time and energy to manage such a program then you should consider offering reseller plans to your clients. Setting up a reseller program is incredibly easy. All you need to do is push a few buttons in your control panel and you are good to go.

There are dozens of other ways to increase your popularity. I will be covering some of them in my future posts so make sure you grab our RSS feed!