Things You Should Never Do When Creating a WordPress Site

Everyday hundreds of new blogs pop up on the Internet but most of these blogs fail to capture an audience. If you want your new WordPress website to be successful then make sure you don’t make the following mistakes:

1. Ignoring comments

The best way to make your WordPress site interactive is through comments. WordPress has a very powerful commenting system but you have to configure it properly to make it work for you. By default, comments will not show up on your site unless you moderate them. You can use the Disable comments plug-in if you do not want the comments on your website or blog. If you do want comments on your site then make sure you moderate them regularly. You have plenty of free and advanced commenting options available like Disqus and JetPack comments.

2. Very long archives

In the beginning, the archive widget by WordPress looks very cool as it displays information of all the months the user has been blogging. But, after a year or so, it starts looking cluttered and annoying, making your sidebar very long which may not look good. So, try creating a custom archives page.

3. Ignoring security

Usually, novice users don’t care about their site’s security. As a result they get hacked very easily. So secure your website by following these tips:

– Limit the number of login attempts
– Use two-Factor validation with Google Authenticator
– Change the default username to something other than “admin”
– Take regular backups of your website
– Keep your WordPress installation as well as your themes and plugins up to date
– Make sure you are not using an insecure version of PHP on your server.
– Read the official article on hardening WordPress

These steps will help make you WordPress site more secure.

You can increase your chances of success by following the tips given in the post.