Things to Consider While Finding a WordPress Host

WordPress doesn’t need any introduction. It is the preferred blogging platform and content management system on the internet. If you are planning to use this software to create your next blog or website then you should keep a few things in mind. Many hosting companies still face problems while running this script. So its a good idea to compare different hosts and do some research before buying server space and bandwidth.

Here are some common hosting problems that WP bloggers are facing these days:

WordPress comes with tons of features, some of which consume a lot of resources and CPU cycles. That is why many WordPress powered sites are sluggish and unresponsive. To avoid this problem you should select a company that hosts a small number of websites on each server. Too many sites can crash the machine and cause downtime. A cache plugin is also very helpful in this regard.

Sometimes bloggers face severe compatibility issues while running the script. Such issues arise when a host doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of WP platform. Its a good idea to contact the host before hand and ask about their server specifications.

It is important to note that each plugin has its own set of requirements. Therefore you should be careful while installing third-party themes and extensions on your site.

Manual WP installation is a very lengthy and difficult process. Luckily many control panels come with one-clink script installers. You shouldn’t buy a hosting package unless it comes with such an installer.

Mod rewrite is a nifty little script that creates search engine friendly URLs. For good rankings this feature is crucial. Before buying a hosting plan you should make sure that your host supports this script. Otherwise you wont be able to use WordPress’ Permalink options.

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