How Making Your Website Responsive Could Save Your Business

If you have a website, you are most likely aware of the fact that the results from a Google Search can be highly responsible for the traffic driven to your site. What you might not know, is the fact that Google Search results may vary depending on what type of device is used to perform the search. Up until recently, the websites and links provided during a Google Search were basically the same regardless of whether a person was using a laptop or cell phone. However, thanks to Google’s latest mobile algorithm update, this is now no longer the case.

Until the past month or so, links and websites appeared in the results of Google Searches regardless of whether they were mobile-friendly or not. This lead to a decent amount of frustration for those viewing the non mobile-friendly websites because of the endless zooming, scrolling, and squinting that were necessary. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly, make viewing, reading, and watching the contents or the site seem like a painful and annoying chore. Google was very aware of these issues and decided to make a drastic change for the better. But is it better for you?

Websites can no longer successfully get by without being mobile friendly. At one point, a website that wasn’t mobile friendly was just annoying to a site viewer. However, now it’s basically non-existent. People are with their cell phones all day long; these are the devices that are most often used to perform a Google Search. If your website isn’t coming up in mobile search results, it’s not coming up much at all. Websites need to be updated and they need to be updated now. For your business, it can mean the difference between success and utter failure.