How Can Bloggers Take Advantage of Paid Advertising?

empty_billboardMost of you already know that Adsense is a very profitable form of earning online revenue. This is even truer if you own a blog that you constantly update with new articles, but now you might wonder how you can maximize your profits from this method. Well, there are several tricks that can be used for this reason. Here are the 3 most important of them:

1. Optimize Your Blog

Google displays the most relevant ads based on your website content, so its important to post articles that are as relevant as possible. In vain you’ll write a blog about “how to make money online” if the articles that you post talk about your everyday life. Google’s bot is guided only by content and keywords that exist on your site, and therefore you have to optimize your site as well as possible. Your visitors will be tempted to click on more ads if your article’s content is truly interesting. In addition you should use a theme that is relevant to the content on your site. If it is a restaurant site, you should use a wordpress food theme.

2. Make the Advertisements Not to Look like Advertisements

People hate ads, right? For this reason you have to make them truly interesting for your visitors to click on them. Here’s how you can do that:

a) Change their design

Never let the default color that Google offers you for your ads. Adsense gives you an option to change your ad’s aspect. Therefore, make them blend with the background of your blog. Next, give up the borders. Make them the same color as the background. If you make everything seem very natural people will be more likely to click on the ads.

b) Choose the right size for them

A study shows that the advertisement sized 336 x 280 gives the best results, with the one sized 300 x 250 placed shortly after. That doesn’t mean you cannot use other sizes, though. Just choose the right size for the ads to blend with your blog.

c) Drop image ads

From my experience I can tell you that image ads give the lowest yield when using Google Adsense. In addition, visitors are tempted to bypass them, because they are accustomed to common ads found on websites and they obviously didn’t come to your to click the ads, but to read something interesting. Therefore, it’s best to use only text ads.

d) Place the ads in special areas of your site

All these optimizations do nothing unless you place the ads somewhere where your visitors are tempted to click on them. Take a look at your site. See which are the so-called “points of interest” and which attract more visitors. Then search for a way to put something creative there.
People are used to reading from left to right, therefore your visitors will start reading from the top left part of your website then continue all the way, sketching all the info from left to right.
Also, people look more only in the “first part” of your website (without scrolling down), so it’s best to place 2-3 ads there.

3. Test

Not all the advice I gave you might work. It depends on how your site is structured, the content, type of visitors etc.. so it’s best to test everyhting before making up your mind. Put all the ads in one place and then see what the results are. If the results come up well, then leave the ads like they are. If not, change their placement, design, size and so on until you earn enough money. Don’t worry if the effects won’t appear immediately, and wait 3-4 days before doing another test.

You can earn a lot of money from Google Adsense. And the interesting part is that the process is very easy, especially if you follow certain steps, like those that I’ve mentioned above. The whole process resumes to providing relevant ads in such manner that your vistors will want to click on them.