Choosing the Best WordPress Web Hosting Solution

It is no more news that WordPress is the best platform for bloggers, websites and anyone who wants to promote ideas, products or services through the internet. But having WordPress is one thing; it is another thing entirely to have a good hosting platform that will ensure the smooth running of your blog or website. Here are very important tips you should understand to help you choose the perfect WordPress web hosting.

Do proper research

The best way to locate reliable web hosting services it to go online and do some research. Type keywords into search engine boxes and then choose from the result that comes up on the front page. You should also look for forums and review sites that focus on web hosting issues to get the opinions of people who have been using different services for many years.


For WordPress to function properly you are required to have web hosting that uses PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL version 5.0 or any version that is greater than this. The good news is most web hosting services have it, but it is important that you confirm first before you buy. Otherwise some premium wordpress hosting themes and plugins might become incompatible with your site.


While popularity is not a guarantee for reliable service, it is saver to sign up with WordPress web hosting with a proven track record of efficiency than to settle for some service not many people have heard of.

Know your needs

Get a piece of paper and list all your needs and requirements that will help sustain your website or blog. This list should include space, bandwidth etc. There are different types of web hosting including shared, VPS, managed, dedicated and free. Knowing your requirements will help you save plenty of money when you buy only the space and service that you’re going to use.

Customer service

Without good customer service WordPress web hosting is going to be a nightmare. This is why you must choose a company that does 24/7 customer service so that any problems you have with your website or blog can be resolved quickly.