A Few Globally Renowned And Respected Companies Using WordPress

WordPress is one of the best content management systems known to man in today’s world. It is extremely easy to use and even easier to manage. Along with this it is extremely affordable as it is free to use. Many official business websites are very complex and it is very difficult to keep them functional and operational at all times. For them to be able to run well the platform has to be extremely credible and WordPress is just the right platform for this purpose. Here we have discussed a few websites who have opted for WordPress to undertake their online endeavours.

1. IBM

International Business Corporations (IBM) is a leading supplier of computer hardware, software, middle-ware and consulting services. IBM has an elaborate website that is powered by WordPress. This website has detailed information concerning the products and services that IBM offers. Additionally, the website has an interactive interface that enables readers make inquiries concerning IBM products.

2. MP3.com

In this era of digital music distribution, the MP3.com is a key distributor in the music industry. It’s website is entirely powered by the WordPress. Currently the MP3.com website has over one million tracks, numerous artist profiles, promotional photographs, music videos and updates it’s music daily. This is all made possible by the diverse and unique features that WordPress provides.

3. Los Angeles Times

Most of the online magazines that are based on the East Coast are already powered by WordPress, the West Coast has not been left behind as the LA Times has also made the decision to use WordPress for its online undertakings. The Los Angeles Times magazine online is quite impressive and extremely easy to understand and navigate. WordPress enables the management of all the online issues concerning LA Times using a single platform.